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The new office will have a capacity for an additional 20-30 new desks and the possibility to host events and meetups.

We are now reaching out to friends in our community to find people who would like to work from the Ski Locker. If you want to belong to an inspiring, adventurous and social community please send us an email by clicking the button above or contact us on our Facebook page.


As we have such a tight nit and engaged community we figured they would know what we should look for in a new space. So we simply asked them for feedback,- this is what stood out:

  • Faster internet connection, (today we have two lines of VDSL 24 mbit down, 10 mbit up) 

  • Ability to take a shower after skiing, running, climbing or whatever sport you have done.

  • More desks at windows at the moment several of our desks are located in a basement.

The member feedback plus research and visits to other coworking spaces around the world has led to the following improvements:

  • We now accept companies with 1-5 employees

  • 20-30 additional spaces with plenty of window space

  • Fiber internet connection

  • Centre of Chamonix

  • Shower at the office

  • Meeting room availability

  • New phone booths

  • Lunch area outside during summer

We hope to see you soon!

/The Ski Locker community