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The Mountains. They're Calling...

Q. Are you listening?

Perhaps it's a sixth sense, gut feeling, intuition, spiritual awakening, but something amazing happens to those lucky enough to live and work in the hearts of valleys where mountains hold you close and keep you looking up at their peaks. They demand from us a continuous effort to make work fit life and not the other way around.

We look up from our screens teased with majestic mountain vistas that conjure up thoughts of adventures to be had. This need to be among them ultimately leads to less time spent doing things we don’t enjoy and more effort spent doing things that make us enjoy being alive. Amazingly this sense of fulfilment and happiness feeds directly back into our much more productive workflows and careers.

Walking the in mountains

If we consider that for most of our day we exist in digital spaces, surrounded by wifi signals, continuously holding mobile devices, staring directly into false light and connecting virtually with a cyber-based world then how important must it be to be able to reconnect with something real, tangible and truly wholesome. Being able to live and work surrounded by mountains offers an instant sense that something much bigger and better is around us. The freedom to access nature on such a huge scale is an experience that can put even the biggest conflict or problem into perspective.

When you live here you crave to get close to the mountains. You drink from its pure waters, run along its veins, glide in its pristine air, hold on tight to its features, breathe it in deep and feel better for it.

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However this sense we are experiencing isn’t just something for the alternative thinking, poi spinning, free spirits among us to ascribe to. Science has done a little to try and explain what we are feeling. There is an understanding through Physics that the natural world, more specifically its matter or particles, resonates in very specific harmonic rhythm. This is to say that the earth has a tone, a key, a frequency and that frequency at its most potent is 432hz.

The same resonance that can be felt in the beating of a heart can be felt in the trees, flowing water and animals of the natural world. Shamans use 432hz tones in healing ceremonies, and for centuries Tibetan monks have used singing bowls set at 432hz to meditate, even a cats purr can be recorded at a frequency of 432hz. This mathematically complex harmonic frequency is also linked with the Golden Ratio which can be seen at work in much of nature's beauty, not to mention one of its most geometric of creations, the snow flake.​

They are calling us.

We urge you to listen.

This is a guest post by Ski locker member and Mood Manager, Naoimh O'Hagan. Originally from Ireland, Naoimh has been based in the Chamonix Valley for 3 years and is the creator and designer at epically cool apparel brand Vent - She's an avid trail runner, climber and snowboarder and is currently learning to code.

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